ORION present their product line of Steel Valves incorporating new and revised designs, specially engineered to meet the exacting demands and requirements of the petroleum and chemical industries.
ORION products represent the best the market can offer both from the standpoint of quality of materials incorporated and standard of workmanship.

ORION S.P.A has the pleasure to announce that it has been awarded from Statoil Petroleum AS a new Frame Agreement for Through Conduit Gate valves. This Agreement is submitted in addition to the existent contract regarding Gate, Globe and Check valves 2 and above.

All ORION valves are produced by employing the best raw materials, carefully selected, correctly identified and analysed. The machining is carried out with the aid of the latest type equipment according to the most up-to-date methods. All ORION products are constantly tested and inspected to ensure that governing standards and tolerances are strictly complied with.

Shell Pipeline Westward Ho Pipeline Project
ORION is pleased to announce that it has been awarded Shell Pipeline Westward Ho Pipeline Project for the supply of Check valves (full opening) 24, 36 class 150 and 600 in carbon steel material.

The Company has a world market distribution network and sells its products both to engineering companies and to final users, manufacturing a complete line of cast steel gate, globe and check valves, as well as a variety of speciality valves such as Y-pattern and Bellows seal and valves for specialised services such as Alkylation, Cryogenic and Lethal service.

ORION was awarded the supply of Through Conduit Gate Valves from 18 to 48, class 150 and 300, for JAZAN REFINERY AND TERMINAL PROJECT for SAUDI ARAMCO, through HANWHA ENGINEERING & CONSTRUCTION.
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