High quality valves for the petrochemical industries

ORION present their product line of Steel Valves incorporating new and revised designs, specially engineered to meet the exacting demands and requirements of the petroleum and chemical industries. The Company has a world market distribution network and sells its products both to engineering companies and to final users, manufacturing a complete line of

  • Cast steel valves
  • Globe valves
  • Check valves
  • Rising Stem Ball Valves
  • Speciality valves

Steel Gate, Globe, Rising Stem Ball valves and Check valves, as well as a variety of speciality valves such as Y-pattern and Bellows seal and valves for specialised services such as Alkylation, Cryogenic and Lethal service.

The best quality materials and engineering

All ORION valves are produced by employing the best raw materials, carefully selected, correctly identified and analysed. The machining is carried out with the aid of the latest type equipment according to the most up-to-date methods. All ORION products are constantly tested and inspected to ensure that governing standards and tolerances are strictly complied with. ORION valves are designed to the basic principle of hydrodynamics so that pressure drop and turbulence are reduced, thus allowing a smooth flow of fluids with the minimum of resctriction.

ORION S.P.A is proud to celebrate the birthday of VALVEcampus Association of which it is a member

VALVEcampus is an Italian association of manufacturers of industrial valves and components used in the Oil&Gas and Power Industries.

Founded in 2014, by five original promoting manufacturing companies, it has the aim to promote and share the technical culture of industrial valves technologies among all relevant stakeholders, highlighting the role of excellence and international presence of the Italian leading industries.

VALVEcampus gives the opportunity to share knowledge, experience and ideas with other leading industry professionals and organizations.

Responsible for the organization of the fair’s technical events IVS – Industrial Valve Summit, VALVEcampus will continue to offer training sessions to all stakeholders with the introduction of an innovative knowledge sharing platform: IVS – VALVEcampus Knowledge Platform.

The main scope of this platform is to extend the IVS event and its contributions, with no time and physical boundaries, to become a permanent and growing knowledge tool, excellent and dynamic: “A continuous knowledge sharing platform for a successful future”.

Every market has its own peculiarities in order to meet the different requirements coming from Customers and Suppliers which depend primarily by a number of dominating factors, such as effective and real technological content, capacity to properly qualify values among clients, willingness of End Users to properly evaluate and accept qualities of products and services.

Digitalization is a typical example.

Processes covered by Industry 4.0 are affecting not only the manufacturing side but also the Oil & Gas extraction, production, treatment and distribution, particularly in the downstream sector where production data gathering – thanks to the increased use of sensors, included in valves and actuators – guarantees control optimizations and tangible production savings.

This trend, present already in the control valve sector, will shortly represent a new opportunity also for the designers and manufacturers of other valve types: Big Data Management will offer them a concrete and innovative way to improve their products’ offer.

Additionally, as markets are constantly and rapidly evolving, all stakeholders within their responsibilities, will face new challenges for their entire working force. We forecast increasing needs of continuous professional formative training and courses to allow the adoption of new opportunities, induced by emerging progress and technological accelerations.

With a good degree of foresight, already in 2006, the European Union introduced the “Life-long Learning Program” to endorse and sustain the education and formation essential, particularly for new generations which will form a basis for their professional growth and success

Visit the VALVEcampus website to view all its initiatives www.valvecampus.com

Latest News


Orion will be an exhibitor at INDUSTRIAL VALVE SUMMIT in Bergamo on 15 - 16 May 2024.
IVS includes manufacturers of valves, actuators, sealing systems, coatings and service suppliers for the flow control industry.

Visit us at Stand N: 71 - Hall: A



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Orion is pleased to announce that even this year will participate at ADIPEC 2023, from 2nd to 05th of October under the theme 'Decarbonising. Faster. Together.'.

ADIPEC builds an inclusive platform, facilitating dialogue across the entire energy ecosystem and beyond, fostering cross-sector partnerships and inspiring game-changing solutions towards a cleaner, more secure energy future.

Alongside the exhibition, ADIPEC 2023 will host more than 1,600 speakers to share their views across 350 unique sessions on the actions needed to advance a low-carbon, high-growth world.

Visit us as stand n.:1122 - Hall: 1 

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Orion is pleased to announce that it will participate at ADIPEC 2022, where the global energy ecosystem will assemble from October 31st to November 3rd to discuss market trends, seek solutions, and conduct business across the entire value chain of the sector.

Alongside the exhibition, ADIPEC 2022 will host the Offshore & Marine Exhibition and Conference, Digitalisation In Energy Exhibition and Smart Manufacturing Exhibition and Conference.

Visit us as stand n.:1120 - Hall: 1 

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ORION will be a provider of quality services and products, consistently meeting or exceeding our customers' expectations. We will be an agile, highly responsive business unit; reactive to the needs of our customers especially in regard to competitive features of our products, on-time delivery and support. We will strive to deliver the promise at all times in all aspects of the marketing mix, ensuring an image of reliability and implicit trust with our customers. We strive to be seen to be determined, focused and straightforward business partners who are both flexible and consistent.


In consideration of the impact that valves can have on the environment, ORION strictly adhere to all European rules on the matter of waste disposal, air emission, noises control, wastewater discharge. ORION SPA also have constantly ongoing research and testing activities aimed at the improvement of environmental performances of valves especially with regard to fugitive emission levels through the stem packing box and body/bonnet gaskets.


The Company's equipment includes high volume transfer machines, bar machines, chuckers, NC lathes, milling machines, drill machines, heat treatment equipment and a tool making/grinding shop. These facilities are complemented through framework agreements with prime foundry suppliers, wich guarantee the Company access to the most modern casting techniques and material treatment equipments. ORION utilises the latest edition of SOLIDWORKS CAD system and COSMOS FINITE ELEMENTS ANALYSIS engineering software for valve design purposes.