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Cookie is a small text file (usually letters and / or numbers) which is downloaded to a device (computer, tablet, smartphone) when the user visits websites.
A website makes use of cookies to recognize the user's device, to trace its navigation through the different pages and to identify users who visit the same site again, even after many days.

According to their functionality, the different types of cookies are:
- Session Cookies or Temporary Cookies. These are cookies stored only temporarily on the device and are deleted automatically when your browsing session ends. They allow websites to remember the actions performed by the user during the browsing session, and are used for example, to indicate that the computer or other device of the visitor is connected to that site;
- Persistent Cookies. These cookies stay active until a certain date or until cancelled by the user. Therefore, they are not deleted when the session ends and are used to remember preferences or user's actions with respect to one or more websites;
- First-party cookies : These cookies are stored on your device directly from a website visited by the user;
- Third-party Cookies. These cookies are saved on the device from other sites and not from the site that the user is visiting. Persistent cookies are often third-party cookies. Most of third-party cookies are made by tracking cookies, i.e. cookies used to trace the user's online behavior, to understand its interests and then customize the advertising proposals to be shown to the user itself in the sites he visits.

For more information see the legislation put into effect by the Privacy Authority:


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This site uses temporary session cookies essential for the proper operation of the site which allow users to navigate and display the contents. These cookies are necessary, for example, to keep open a browsing session, to allow the user access to eventual restricted areas, to temporarily remember the texts included while filling out a form. The deactivation of these cookies will involve malfunctioning of the site.
This site may use cookies of third parties, operated by other organizations, to collect aggregate information on the number of users and how they visit the site (eg. Google Analytics, YouTube). Specific fonts owned by Google could also be integrated (Google Fonts is a service of displaying font styles run by Google Inc.).
Social buttons are those particular buttons on the site representing the social network icons (example: Like button and social widgets for Facebook, Tweet button and social widgets for Twitter, Google+ widget, widget Linkedin) which allow browsing users to interact with one click directly with the social platforms and share the contents of the site on personal social profiles. The presence on the site of these social buttons involves the installation of cookies, including profiling, by the respective social network.
In order to ensure a bigger transparency, here below you can find the website address of different disclosures and ways to manage cookies.
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Google Analytics uses "cookies" to collect and analyse in anonymous way the information on the behavior of users in the websites. This information is collected by Google Analytics, which processes the data in order to prepare reports for website owners regarding activities on websites.

This site has also implemented reports on demographics and Google Analytics interests.

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